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When alterations take place within a family or a couple, it inevitably affects each member, becoming a frequent source of conflict and stress. Thanks to its expertise in family law, the firm provides legal counsel and solutions tailored to meet clients’ expectations, guiding them through the process based on their individual needs.

The firm distinguishes itself through a compassionate and personable approach, a competitive spirit, unwavering determination, and a commitment to professional rigor. We provide personalized support that is focused on delivering solutions.

The firm places a high priority on preventing disputes and promoting alternative dispute resolution. In cases where conflicts persist, we staunchly defend our clients’ interests without making compromises, across all jurisdictions within our authority.

Practice areas

  • Divorce
  • Filiation
  • Childrens’ law
  • Registered partnerships
  • Adult protection
  • Estate and successions

Taïsa Tadè-Klinkenbergh

2013: Ticino Bar

2011: Master in civil and criminal law, University of Geneva and of Montreal

2009: Bachelor of law, University of Geneva

January 2023
Klinkenbergh Legal, founder

Athos Mecca Law firm, Locarno, associate attorney

Divisione della Giustizia, Bellinzona, lawyer

PSMLaw SA Law firm, Lugano, associate attorney

Anne Reiser Law firm, Geneva, associate attorney

Ticino Bar Association
Swiss Lawyers Federation

Italian, French, German, English, Spanish